Sequence and the narrative lost

Does comics need a narrative?

Can abstract comics challenge that conception? We all need the story. Do we really? Couldn’t colour, shape and texture be enough to create a response in the viewer?

One writer said: We need story Eliminating narrative is like eliminating oxygen: it’s interesting but everything dies, which is perhaps why the book strikes an end-of-days tone with the few words that it uses.

Within my comics, I work mainly with constructing and deconstructing narratives. Not so much with writing actual stories. I have no epic in me. It has worked to my disadvantage in so much I have not yet finished an epic (let’s not talk about how many I’ve begun).

So. on this page (yrev, very slowly) I’m going to discuss my comics, my narratives and the ever-prevailing sequence.

I’ll show you my own journey through experimenting with narrative in comics. I’ll try not to blabber on, delve to deeply into irrelevant details. If I do, please just holler and I’ll move on into familiar territory.

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